Pay US ₦30,000 Instead of ₦50,000 & We'll Train You to Print MONEY Offering CAC Registration!


We provide young people with access to well-optimized methods for wealth generation and maintenance, enabling them to become more productive and earn more money.


We provide coaching for individuals interested in entering the world of CAC Registration. Our program offers access to comprehensive 'Watch-me-do it' video tutorials, covering all categories of CAC Registration, and facilitates their journey by granting them access to an accredited agent account.


We assist entrepreneurs with the registration of their companies, non-profit organisations, limited liability companies, group companies, and business names. We also handle all CAC post-incorporation filing tasks on their behalf.


We are enthusiastic about teaching people and brands how to market their brands both online and offline, how to generate revenue through CAC Registration, and how to turn one’s knowledge, abilities, and skills into a profitable and long-lasting business by utilising social media and the internet.

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Seiminiyifa Franklin Matthew, a certified business consultant from the Institute of Certified Business Consultants (ICBC), Nigeria holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at COACH FRANKLIN CONSULTS, an online entrepreneurship and consultancy company with a primary focus on CAC Business Registration. By brand name, he is known as Coach Franklin.

Collectively, as a company, we have also provided practical training and guidance to over 1,000 individuals, enabling them to successfully venture into and profit from the CAC Registration business.

Coach Franklin is the driving force behind  an online academy exclusively designed to deliver highly detailed and easy-to-follow practical video tutorials for all aspects of CAC Registration, and this site is co-own by several others. He is happily married to Sarah.

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These co-owners have the franchise right and the admin access to sell, trade and distribute the course materials of this site. Do business with them!

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To empower entrepreneurs and businesses in Nigeria, our vision is to offer seamless, reliable, efficient, affordable, and error-free CAC Registration and post-incorporation services. We strive to become the leading consultancy firm that not only assists businesses with their registrations but also trains and equips individuals to enter the realm of CAC Registration through comprehensive and detailed practical walkthrough videos.


Our mission is to empower Nigerian entrepreneurs and businesses by providing seamless, efficient, and affordable CAC Registration and post-incorporation services. As a leading consultancy firm, we aim to offer comprehensive training and practical guidance through detailed walkthrough videos. This equips individuals with the confidence to navigate the CAC Registration process and launch their own businesses with ease.

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