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My Name is Coach Franklin, and I am Founder of || An online academy exclusively designed to deliver highly detailed and easy-to-follow practical video tutorials for all aspects of CAC Registration.


In 2019, I ventured into the business of CAC Registration and in 2021 My finances changed when I set up to train others.




The service aspect &
The training aspect.


And if you really want to amass wealth as a CAC Agent or Service Provider. Then, you should consider adding “The Training Aspect” to your services.


This is the main reason, I’m asking you to subscribe for admin access to so you can have the franchise right to sell all the courses to others at any amount you want to sell and start building your own CAC community.


This access will cost  you N200,000 ONLY. (You can make this payment 4 times).


And here’s what your 200K covers.


1 . Admin Access  to so you can enroll your student from the back-end all by yourself.


2. With this, you can run a campaign, collect money from people, go to the website, and enroll them in the various courses they paid for. All profit belongs to you. No kobo will be given to me since you’ve subscribed for admin access to


3. You will have me train you on “AGENT PORTAL BUSINESS” whereby you can structure your system in a way that you will be giving people access to your CAC Accredited Agent Portal, and still be on a safe side.


4. You will have me give you detailed video training on how to enroll your students into their various courses, take back their courses,  create accounts for them from the back end, and possibly delete their accounts when necessary.


What more?


With this access.


1. You will no longer break your head to record any CAC course anymore. Both now and in the future.


2. All your students will still be using your agent portal while you make more money.


3. You’ll start building a community in your name.


4. You’ve all the franchises to sell all the courses at and make a lot of money for yourself without remitting a kobo to me.


4. Once you subscribe. You will have your professional picture and your bio displayed on the homepage of the site as the Co-owner, Facilitator, and course instructor so people don’t think you are selling another person’s course to them.


6. You’ll be a big brand of your own.


See, this is a beautiful offer that you should jump on and grab with your two hands. 2024 is here already . This is a beautiful way to build a brand around the business of CAC Registration without recording any single courses but still, you are cashing out big time.


In case you don’t know. If you can sell the courses at the academy even for N10,000 to
50 people in 2024 that’s N500,000. You would have made your subscription money back and still have a whopping sum of N300,000.



Take for instance again that you decide to sell all the courses at at the rate of N2,000 to 500 Individuals all through 2024.
That’s N1,000,000. For those who trust their marketing skills. They can even sell for 30K – 50K per head just like I do and earn massively.


I know that a serious-minded individual can deploy more marketing skills and sell the courses to 200-500 individuals in 12 months. Mehn, this is money calling on you.
Don’t look at the 200K I am asking you to pay. You are actually cheating me. But it’s fine. I want you to make more money in 2024.


Don’t ignore this offer.


Even though you ignore it. It’s still fine. I have no problem at all…


The price is 200K and you can pay in 4 installments.  However, until you make the final payment.  You can’t have admin access.


Are you in?


And we will process your admin access within 6-12 hours maximum and get back to you.



NOTE: This N200,000 is renewable every 12 months, and from the day you make payment we will start counting your 12 months.


Go ahead and make payment now.


I can’t wait to see you grab this offer!
Good luck!
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