I own an office.

My office is in a 6-story building, and I occupy a space on the 4th floor. 

January this year I moved from my N50,000 monthly rent office space to 80K space. 

And if you ask the management of the facility, they will tell you, Coach Franklin Consults is our top customer. 

And the only business I do as a business person is CAC Registration. 

As an independent agent of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), the only business I have is to:

– Create Content to enlighten people about why they should register their businesses, companies, and NGOs.

– Offer my knowledge and serve those that want me to register businesses, companies, and NGOs Registered with CAC. 

– Convert my knowledge into digital classes and training and sell &

– To provide those who bought my training hands-on support when they are stuck. 

And I achieve this ONLY by leveraging my Facebook timeline, WhatsApp, and Website to make people know me. 

As of today, I have got 3 staff, whose pay is more than the Nigeria minimum wage, yet never a month, I don’t pay them on the very last day of each month. 

It’s from this business I made my first 1 million naira in less than 4 months. 

By the year 2024, I’ll expand my scope of business, engage in traffic generation marketing campaigns, and my target total turnover is 100M.

And this was a business I started About 24 months. 

Now, this is the reason, I am breaking ground. 

1. I made the internet my primary channel for getting my customers. As I do tell those who are close to me. Having an office space is just for validation. And you know that having an office space in a 6-story building shows that I have misfired already. Who will leave all the small outlets in Bayelsa that are into CAC, and climb steer cases of 1,2,3 & 4 just to come to patronize me in a 6-story building? Nobody. 

But then, since my primary means of pulling people to patronize me is my social media (Facebook & WhatsApp) I focus more on making people know, like, and trust me, so the money keeps rolling in. 

2. I added training to my core business. So, with the aid of some technological software, and tools. I can package my knowledge into digital classes, and training that people will be willing and able to buy. And sell them. 

3. I knew the benefit of building an online community. So, I started early enough to build. For every one that I train. I added them to a WhatsApp group, and give them an admin to attend to them. With this, they love me more, and when I have other digital classes to sell. They buy and I make more money from them. 

4. Website. I have a website that enables me to deliver my training effortlessly. My duty is to detail and record my digital classes, upload them to a video hosting site, copy the embedded link to my website, and get people to watch directly from my online academy. This is great support for my business. 

5. I have a team. Currently, we are 3 in number. They are my backbone in this CAC business. However, they are on the payroll. 

I had to document this for your profiting.

I hope you find it helpful to use as a blueprint.

Please, do share this post.

I love you for reading from me always!

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